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Welcome to Ownage!

As of Patch 4.0.1, Ownage is recruiting members again. Our goal is to become a guild of Kingslayers before entering the Cataclysm era together. We are looking for mature, geared and skilled people of all classes to help us accomplish this goal.

We want players who are tired of pugs and want WoW to be a social experience, but we also want progress -- 12/12 in ICC first of all, then progressing to heroics as much as we have time for before Deathwing destroys the world (...of warcraft). Therefore, we expect any applicant to our guild to have plenty of ICC experience, know his or her class and be an active player, just as much as we expect every member to behave well toward other members.

We are a friendly guild but we do not tolerate leavers, whiners or other cretins who spoil the fun for everyone.

Ownage had over 100 members half a year ago, but due to inactivity on the officers' part it declined into a shadow of its former self. Now we are starting up again, more dedicated than ever.
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Second Raid Week: 7/12 ICC10 HC

Hawkhorn75, Nov 1, 10 4:23 PM.
Not much more to add really. We oneshotted Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, Lootship (needless to say) and Saurfang on the first raid night, before the offtank went on a long disconnect and we decided to call it. Second night we did Festergut and Rotface after a few wipes, and after wiping a few times on Putricide we decided to switch to normal and downed him and Dreamwalker. Third night we wiped all too many times on Blood Princes, after which we switched to normal, downed them, oneshotted Blood Queen on HC and then again switched to normal and oneshotted Sindragosa and Lich King, giving us four new Kingslayers in the Guild.

All in all a decent raid week, considering we were plagued by dc's, computer problems and whatnot. If that does not repeat itself next week we should do much better.

... and then some

Hawkhorn75, Oct 26, 10 5:24 PM.
Since we had the Lich King down by thursday, we went for Helion in Ruby Sanctum (10-man) on Sunday. This proved to be a minor disaster as we wiped on trash repeatedly before adjusting to the fact that tactics were actually needed for these. On the positive side, we killed all three mini-bosses without any major problems, although we wiped right after killing Baltharus because someone was thrown into a pack of mobs.

After that we went for Halion, who proved to be more than a match however. We had a pugged tank in the physical realm and stupidly decided to have two healers in the twilight realm where yours truly tanked the boss, with only one healer to save the other tank's ass in the physical. The other tank dying killed us a few times, as did the orb connection beam in the twilight realm. Second to last try we had Halion down to 100k -- less than ONE MEASLY PERCENT, before the pugged tank died and the boss began to regenerate.

On Monday, we were bent on revenge. This time we had a guild tank, Sourcé, who was given two healers in the physical realm while Jaepriest solo-healed the twilight realm. Our DK dps Runeslave was put in charge of keeping track of the orbs for the others while I tried to line up Halion so as to keep it somewhat easy to keep dpsing while the beam was up. On our second try, Halion was owned, or maybe Ownaged.

Clearing ICC10 and RS10 within our first raiding week does feel pretty good, which is why I keep bragging about it in our recruitment messages in /trade.

First Major Goal Accomplished

Hawkhorn75, Oct 21, 10 5:05 PM.
Tonight, Ownage killed the Lich King, thereby accomplishing our first major goal as a guild only two days after we started raiding as a guild again. Damn we're good.

We had to pug a DK tank and a rogue to get this done, but after the fight they both liked our Guild so much they decided to join us, making this a full Guild run. By this our first great triumph, we now have 9 new Kingslayers in the Guild.

A great thanks to all guildmates who were with us. Next week we will go for ICC heroics and maybe some achievements together

First Guild Raid

Hawkhorn75, Oct 20, 10 8:01 PM.
To make a long story short, because yours truly really needs to go to bed to be ready for work tomorrow, our first Guild Raid was really good fun. Even though we were thwarted in defeating the Lich King in our first night because of a server restart at exactly the time we were supposed to begin inviting for the raid (which meant people went offline and not everyone realized the server was only down for a few minutes, hence not everybody got back online), between 21:15 and 1:00 we killed all bosses except for Lich King without a single wipe. After wiping twice on Lich King the time was up and the raid was called.

We feel confident that we will kill Arthas tomorrow, thus completing our first major goal within two days of raiding. All Guildmates who stuck with us to the end of our official Raid Time got promoted to Private. Special thanks to Darkfuryan who actually got promoted twice in the same night (thus becoming a Corporal) for explaining tactics to those who weren't sure of them and generally sticking to our Code of Conduct to the letter.

The only downside was that we had to pug a tank (a friend of a Guildmate, but still) because I was the only tank online, but that will not be a problem anymore when we grow in numbers.

Tomorrow Lich King is going down.

First Day of Recruiting

Hawkhorn75, Oct 17, 10 11:06 AM.
On our first day of recruiting, we attracted several people who are experienced, geared and above all, active. These include two Priests, three Hunters (one of whom was with us earlier this year and decided to rejoin our ranks), two Warriors, two Death Knights, one Paladin, two Shamans and one Warlock.

It looks like the average new Recruit has around 5.9k gs, has done 10-11 bosses in ICC10/25 and is hungry to take down the Lich King. There are one or two exceptions who are weaker than this but who are very active and who we expect to gear up, read tacts and so on to be able to become Kingslayers before the Cataclysm. There are also two or three exceptions who have exceptional gear and experience and already are Kingslayers, but want to follow us on ICC hardmodes after helping the rest of us get that Kingslayer title.

In other words we have, by and large, only been accepting people who at least are almost Kingslayers, who have so far been thwarted by the leaving, whining and oh-why-must-there-always-be-one-retard-in-every-group which accompanies most PUGs.

We hope that most of our new Recruits will prove themselves loyal and active members of our Guild, but that remains to be seen. Even the ones with 6k+ gs and 10/25 Kingslayer titles have joined as lowly Recruits and will have to prove themselves worthy in order to advance in our ranks.

Of course, we had to turn down a lot of interested people who simply weren't good enough. Right now, we are looking to become a guild of Kingslayers to begin with, so we need people who can get the job done. If you think you have what it takes, post your application in the Forum or whisper us (Hawkhorn or Dragun) in-game.
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